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Wow, The Experiment is eightseven views away from 10K! To celebrate, free tunes! It’s GIVEAWAY time!

Here’s how it’s going to work.

Everyone who reblogs this post (not to a giveaway blog, be cool) earns themselves a free copy of the track itself. That is, one copy of The Experiment in any file format Bandcamp offers. Everyone who comments on the video and shares it to Google+  gets the whole Storytime EP for free! That’s all five tracks, three instrumental versions, and a bajillion wallpapers for all your purple scrapbook eyeballin’ needs. If you want the whole EP, simply comment on your reblog with your YouTube username and what you commented and you’ll be good to go!

Once you’ve done that, keep your askbox open. I’ll send you a unique, one-use-only code that you can use here to get your download. It’s just that easy! Then you can like, print out the code and frame it as a souvenir of our ordeal together. Whatever floats your boat.

It’ll hopefully be sent within twelve hours. I have about 3,500 free downloads left on Bandcamp so I can’t foresee myself running out. Honestly I am not sure what I will do if that happens. Maybe email out individually. If a day passes after the giveaway’s end and you still have not received your code, please bother me about it!! Tumblr eats asks for breakfast. If you’re worried about your askbox then feel free to email me at rachelmacwhirter@hotmail.com or just put your own email in a reblog.

Already got a copy of Storytime? No problem!! :)

If you don’t want to use the download code for yourself, feel free to pass it along to a friend, a relative, a star-crossed lover or that older lady on the bus that smells of lollipops and catnip.

But not a casual acquaintance. NEVER a casual acquaintance.

I’m running this until 10pm on the 7th of February, Australian Eastern Standard Time (Melbourne). That gives you twenty four and a half hours. Hurry, while stocks last, etc. If I somehow don’t get eight views in that time, I reserve the right to be mightily embarrassed. i got a view in the time i’ve spent typing this up hahaha im moving up in the world

One more thing - please don’t delete this explanation! And definitely don’t delete that mad awesome glittery text up there (why would you even want to though). Also, check out my other albums! I’m on YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, Goodreads, all the cool stuff :)

Thank you so much!!!

(If you’re wondering why this is tagged as Homestuck musicians: Hi! My name’s Rachel Macwhirter and I’m responsible for two tracks on coloUrs and mayhem: Universe A - Indigo Archer and Temporal Shenanigans. Pleased to meet you!)

Flapper dress by Hell Bunny, sold at Sohos.co.uk.

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UV reactive rave pants from alltofashion.

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Shirts and Tanks from ReStyle.pl.

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Military-inspired gothic lolita jumperskirt and blouse.

Found here!

Cute lacy skirt from Blooms Boutique!

Found here.

Necklace from Alchemy Gothic. Found here.

Nightmare Before Christmas messenger bag featuring Jack Skellington.

Found here!

Keyhole top from Necessary Evil.

Found here.

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Lacy gloves/armwarmers.

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cute lil mini top hat c:

from here

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Blouses from Lolita Charm.

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Puff sleeve dress from Blooms Boutique.

Kera dresses from Blooms Boutique.

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